Class Sizes? We like to keep our classes small to maximize the experience in art for your child so we will never have more than 8 children in a class at one time. This allows for lots of one on one attention and growth in their work.

Projects? Every term the Creative Director designs a new curriculum that explores the many different ways of making art. We are very process oriented. Everyone has a different outcome in their work! We explore all mediums and all aspects of art. We root our exploration in art history but sometimes we explore something in art as it allows us to use a new tool or material.

Is my child too young for art? We start our classes at the age of 2. Having said that not all 2 year olds are ready for a structured art class. This is best discussed with Stephanie to make sure that your child is ready.

Term Duration? Our term runs from September to June.

Drop ins? We offer drop ins but this is best at the Pre-School level and not at the School age level as many projects require more than one class to work on.