Some Parent and Art Maker Testimonials

by The Artful Owl on 01/14/2013

“I am so terribly impressed by what you have done with my son.”

“They had a blast- thank you Stephanie! You have a true knack at keeping kids happy and very creative!!!”

“My daughter LOVES her art and has already put it in her room!
Thank you again for everything. We are so happy to have found the Artful Owl – hoot hoot!”

“Stephanie you are quickly becoming my daughters favourite person. Thank you.”

“My child is requesting we build a studio at home so the learning and art-making continues after class”

“Stephanie, I Love you”

“I love art”

“Can we have a sleep over at the studio so that we never stop making art?”

“Stephanie I miss you when there is no art”

“Painting here makes me happy”

“My child has gained so much confidence from working in the studio with you”

“I will work in the studio when you are too old to make art Stephanie”

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