About the Owl

The Artful Owl uses art history as its starting point for the exploration of various methods and mediums in art making.

The goal of the classes is to instill visual literacy in the participants through experiential learning in art history and process art making. The classes will be geared to many learning styles; the goal is to create and enjoy the world of art.

The Artful Owl will give participants the tools they need to understand their world visually and to think creatively when solving problems as the ability to think creatively is a very important skill which participants will apply throughout their lives.

Meet the Artful Owl Staff

Stephanie Middagh:

Creative Director, Studio Owner, Art Facilitator and Inventor of the Silly Face Game.

The idea for the studio came from a love of art, creativity and learning. Stephanie spent 12 years being inspired by museum collections while working as a curator for various museums and galleries. Concurrent to her curatorial work, she took this inspiration to her sessional positions at the University of Manitoba where she taught Introduction to Art and the History of Textiles. She shares her life with husband Chris Koltek and daughter Hazel.

Art Facilitators:

Cosette Koltek

The Artful Owl in the media…

Check out our appearance on CTV Morning Live! Boy that was an early morning for the studio! Thanks to the CTV crew for helping spread the word about the owl.

AOonCTV from Tristan Hartry on Vimeo.